Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Bllleehhhh. I could never clean houses for a living. We spent about 4 hours over at Mark's condo tonight, cleaning cleaning cleaning. That place looks like a god damn show home. It was pretty bad, worse than we remembered. When you start wiping the nooks and crannies you realize how dirty it really gets. And once you wipe one corner, you pretty much have to do it all. We are completely tuckered out.

Here's something weird, we got an order today for a book called "Act Now, Apologize Later, by Adam Werbach. And guess who ordered the book? Adam Werbach. Now why would that be? Why is an author ordering his own books? Is he disgusted that they are being sold on the "half" market? Does he want to round up all the copies floating around? Wouldn't he have access to as many copies as he could ever possibly use? Mark says "Maybe he never read it." heh.


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