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I am one deliciously happy camper. Thanks to the miracle of "too much withholding" - in a mere 30 minutes I have: paid off my old car, paid Mark back for a small loan from 2 months ago, paid off my Texaco credit card, paid two utility bills still hanging around from my old apartment, paid off Katie and Daniel's dental work, and for good measure, closed a savings account. This definately deserves a "whee!" I only have one outstanding debt from a loan I had to get when I got divorced, and that is current and manageable. Otherwise I am completely debt free.

I'm glad to pay off Katie's dental work especially, she's getting ready to have more work done, and then I need work done after that. I just joined Comfort Dental's in-house insurance's really cheap ($25 a month for me and the kids) and it will save me a bundle. Instead of Katie's next crown being $900 it will be more like $500. And since we've gone to Comfort Dental for going on 10 years, they are a little more tolerant with payments. I paid them something every single month till today, when the final payment on the $800 balance from Katie's last work was paid off, and they've always been very nice about it. Sometimes I could send $100, sometimes as little as $15, but I always sent something. Now I can go in there completely paid up and start all over again.

And thank the Good Lord for CHP. It's Colorado's Health Plan for uninsured children. Now I don't have to worry about some catastrophic illness happening to the kids and then having no insurance. It doesn't cover me....but I can live with that. It also has dental coverage, but it doesn't cover the extensive work Katie is having done. They make you jump through the hoops to get approved, but in the end it's so worth it.

I had a really bad few moments earlier....a total freak out that put the whole house in motion. But I'm too happy to go into it now. Later, I promise. right now I just gots too much glee goin on.


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