Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


We're wandering around like lost souls.

I swear, there is nothing to do. Katie came home and was here for about 5 minutes before char came to pick her up to go to dinner or something. Daniel is wandering around, restless. Mark is sleeping on the sofa, feeling achy. Emma is watching her last "show" of the day....where she was told "then its time to find something else to do" which she reminded me..."well, you already said there's nothing to do today.." *hurumpf. Smarty pants.

I kinda feel like baking, but then I go in to look at what there is to bake, and by the time I open the cupboard the mood is gone. I've done that 3 times today. I have nothing on tap for dinner, either.

Now I am poking the squishy parts of my wrist rest in front of my computer keyboard, making it make weird sounds. This, my friends, is boredom at it's ugliest.


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