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Whatever, just crash it Bob...


I did this really long ridiculous quiz to find out where "my" spot is. The places to live that best suit my preferences. Sports, arts, recreation, gardening...I answered a billion questions only to discover that "my spot" on the globe need not contain: culture, originality, activity, ethnicity, nor opportunity. I am the most boring person on the planet.

their recommendations:

Bend, Oregon
Sheboygan, Wisconsin
Missoula, Montana
Eau Claire, Wisconsin
are we sensing a theme? *yawn
Idaho Falls, Idaho
Kenosha, Wisconsin
again, with the Wisconsin..Zzzz
Duluth, Minnesota
LaCrosse, Wisconsin
Anchorage Alaska
**wow, I'm so much more anti-social than I thought
Madison, Wisconsin
Oshkosh-Appleton/Neenah, Wisconsin
Medford, Oregon
Green Bay, Wisconsin
hear that? That's me, slicing my wrists..
Ogden, Utah
Altoona, Pennsylvania
Grand Rapids, Michigan

That's it, I'm moving to Las Vegas.


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