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Tomorrow is Take Your Children To Work Day.
Please don't.

Besides being wildly disruptive, I can assure you - no one thinks they're as cute as you think they are, and they really don't get anything out of it. Unless your child is 14 or so and seriously considering doing exactly what you do for a living, (highly unlikely, most kids want to do anything but what their parents do) there is really no place for them there. This day has turned into a free-for-all, with people bringing their ill-behaved, loud, and eventually bored-out-of-their-mind children to create havoc to those actually trying to work. I've experienced people bring children as young as 18 months old to the office on TYCTWD. Ridiculous! What are you thinking?!

Guaranteed, the childless people at your work do not love you on this day. And they really do not love your children.

And the poor teachers, they end up with half a classroom, most likely absent of the children that most need to be there. What can you teach when half your class is missing? Mercifully, some schools have adopted TYCTWD as a school holiday. Sad, but true.

I would love to see this holdiay/tradition wiped from the calendar.


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