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Do you ever get part-way through a book and then find yourself saying..

"Wow, this book sucks.."

I hate that. I have books lined up to read one after the other. I was looking forward to this one. It's called "Bedlam; a Year In The Life of a Mental Hospital". Right up my alley. But no. The writer explicitly said in the forward that the book contained his observations during a year he spent interviewing mental patients, parents, and doctors. Sounds good, eh? No.

Instead of stories about events, incidents and life in general in a mental hospital, the author has filled the books with paragraphs as such:

"Dr. Hondel drove slowly to the hospital. The night was brisk, the weather taking a turn for the cool in these late October days. The sky was a rich, but light orange hue with wisps of grey clouds dotting the surface. The mid-day rain was still wet on the road, though not yet frozen, though it probably would later. He liked taking the long way to the work, it gave him the fresh perspective he needed every morning before arriving at the hospital. He parked and climbed the stone steps. As he approached his office, he hoped the day would prove uneventful. Though he never dealt directly with patients since becoming administrator, once in a while a seasoned clinician would approach him for advice."

I just made that up, but it is spot-on to how this author writes. There has been very little reference to life in a mental hospital or any of it's patients. It's insane. No pun intended. I'm not sure he read this book himself before publishing it.

So I'm on page 43 and I'm hating it. I hate giving up on a book, but I know when it's a hopeless cause. Next up: "Seven From Heaven." It's the story of the MacCaughey septuplets. I think it will be good. My mom is getting me some books off my wishlist and I'm so excited, I scrolled throught them tonight and hoped she'd pick certain ones.

Damn, I'm freaking old. I can't believe how old I am. I still feel like a kid.

I'm tired and I'm 41. Both very good reasons to close up the house and cuddle with someone soft and sweet.


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