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Ok, so to continue the 247 cats story from the comments section..

Laura, The house most certainly would have to have been condemned. I dunno, the guy was living there, but I really don't know how. Everything was completely falling down and falling apart. There didn't seem to be any creature comforts that you'd normally see, except all the creatures! The drawers didn't have anything in them except cats, nothing in the cupboards or on the counters. There were litter boxes, but they were way full. He said he'd been feeding them, said it was costing him $1200 a month, but he also said that he was you figure it out! heh. Amazing tho that they only found one dead one, though they said many were sick.

I know some people don't like watching shows like that because it's depressing, or it makes you upset..but I like it, because it shows that the Humane Society and the ASPCA are out there, taking care of these idiots. These people aren't getting off scott free, to be sure. They are hunted down, arrested in front of their neighbors (I love that) and severely prosecuted. That's the part I love! Emma said that's why she likes the show, because "people who are mean to animals get in trouble!!"


So anyway, collectively we did 3 bookstores today, and filled a lot of orders. Then tonight I went to Amanda's house to address wedding invitations. That was pretty fun. She had "stations" set up for each person. It sounds anal, but it was kind of nice because it was precise and organized. We all had everything we needed right in front of us. The lists were typed and concise, and it went really fast. She insisted on mailing mine. Silly girl. One of her bridesmaids was in the doghouse for some off handed remarks that Amanda didn't know about but found out about. Typical 21 year old bride/bridesmaids stuff going on there. All in all, it was a good evening. Pics to follow...

I gotta go do...something else..


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