Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Night before last Mark and I both had dreams about earthquakes.

Mine was creepy and emotional..Mark, Emma and I were in a building and we knew an earthquake was coming. We looked out the window and saw the sidewalks buckling and ran for cover. I remember Mark going a different direction and I opened a door and pushed Emma inside, knowing (?) she'd be safe in there. The room was full of white and pastel colored blankets, thrown all over the place. I noted the room number was 666 but it wasn't ominous or alarming, I just remember thinking "I have to remember which room I put her in".

After the earthquake I found Mark, who was sprawled face up in a wagon (yea, like a Radio Flyer) with ash and dust all over him. We retrieved Emma (who happened to be a 7 year old Asian child) from the room I had put her in and left. Wild.

Mark dreamt he was having dinner with Gil Grissom from CSI and when the earthquake started they started rolling around the kitchen on their dining chairs. Afterwards, they talked about the earthquake.



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