Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


We went to the Flea Market today and it was fun, fun, fun. There were soo many people there! It was just the right weather too, not too hot and a little breeze blowing through now and then. We hardly bought anything, but had a really fun day. Came home around 2, made hot dogs and took a nap. Im just now pulling myself together again, I just took a shower and the kitchen looks like a slum. gah.

Tomorrow we're gonna cook out at my moms, then Emma goes home in the evening. Soon the schedule will change and she'll be here a week at a time, and then gone for a week at a time. I'm looking forward to both. It will be nice to have a Saturday night to ourselves now and then, to go do ..whatever it is people do on Saturday nights. I've forgotten.

Tuesday is definately take care of lingering business day. There's a couple of personal things I need to follow up on, plus call around for better insurance rates (ooh, fun!) and a host of other niggly things to take care of. Hopefully we'll also hear that Mark's condo is officially sold.

Time to go make deviled eggs for tomorrow....


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