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Emma is discovering the world of being Amish, which is what my kids call it when they're grounded.

We came home from being out and about and I asked her if she had to go to the bathroom, she said no. About 5 minutes later she came out of her room and had peed her pants. Gah! Prior admonishments really haven't been working, so Mark's taken this next step and she's none too happy about it. No tv and no computer untill tomorrow.

We're afraid that she's still going to be having accidents when she starts kindergarten in the fall, which would be pretty detrimental I think. Kids are they say. I would hate for her to be made fun of because of an accident. She's going to have a hard enough time because of her size, and this would just make it so much worse. She's been to preschool already and it hasn't been much of an issue I don't think, but I think kids in preschool are different from kids in public school. Seems like since preschool is "voluntary" for lack of a better word, the kids seem to be nicer, more well adjusted and generally sweet. Their parents are a cut above, I think. They've taken the time and effort to put their kids in preschool..when instead the kids could have been sitting in front of the tv or at a babysitter's all day. But everyone goes to kindergarten. Smart kids, mean kids, naughty kids...they're all there. It's only fair that Emma have every advantage and then some. A blow to her esteem would be a real setback this early in the game. So hopefully, we can nip this in the bud over the summer.

Today we went to tumbling, it was the last class for this session and there was only 3 kids there. It was nice cause the coach spent a lot of individual time with them on everything. We're going to sign her up for the next session of the same level, which starts in two weeks. She seems to really like it and it's really good for her. Daniel wanted to take something at the rec center too, so I signed him up for a weighlifting class. I hope it's fun.

We also went yardsaling, but didn't find too much. A couple of framed pictures for Emma's room, and a circular saw for Mark for $5. I thought that was pretty decent.

Mark's outside playing radio musical chairs. He's switching a bunch of the radios around in the cars, because the two cars that aren't running, the honda and the Corsica, had the best radios. He put the CD player form the Corsica in kt's car, she's gonna be thrilled with that. He's been out there for hours, once in a while I hear a four letter word, so Im just staying in here.

Tomorrow...the Flea Market! Whee!


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