Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Well it appears the freezer is working fine, we moved all the frozen stuff back over to it last night and it's all still frozen.

Mark spent a good deal of time on the dryer last night and seems to have diagnosed the problem as a "thermal coupling". (yea, heh...I've done a bit of thermal coupling in my time..hee). Anyway, he ordered the part online and it should be here in a couple of days. He also rigged the dryer somehow so it will run without this coupling, but we have to keep it on low heat and only run it for a few minutes at a time. Thrilling I know.

So now my toilet isn't working in the upstairs bathroom here. It's just not flushing. I don't know it it's clogged or what. I'm dreading what comes next. The call to the grannies (landlords). And then...the visit. The visit from Allie, the guess-what-stage-of-my-sex-change-I'm-in-now repairperson. Truth be told, I'd rather have Allie here than the grannies. I'm going to have a look at the toilet myself and see if there's anything obvious going on. Bleh.

As Cindi has already reported, they say my dad has thyroid cancer. He goes into the hospital on Thursday to have it removed. As my step-mom put it, "If you have to have cancer, this is the best kind to have". Yea, whatever. I'm still worried sick. Channel your prayers and goddess chantings this way on Thursday, k?


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