Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


It's hotter than hades. Some people call it hell, I call it hades. (movie reference..what is you know?)

Daniel went to Water World on his own today. I think he's getting the "summer's almost over" blues. I don't blame him. I hate that they start school so dog early. 20 mores days.

Katie took him up there and then went to the gym (where she lives, mostly). Mark and I have to go down south a bit and pay for a parenting class he has to take. It's a condition of divorce in Colorado, to take a $50 4-hour parenting class. He has to file proof that he's completed the class to the court by September 4 or face a fine and a delay of hearing. We had a hard time getting an open spot, the lady on the phone was really cranky and said "tsk, August is our busiest month, there are few if any openings". Well fine, I didn't know that. Why would I know that? Turns out this coming Wednesdays class is light, so we squeezed him in there. You have to pay in advance of the class though, so that's why we're going down there today.

We've got beacoup ebay auctions going, I've already sold two dresses, and I listed another one today. Book business is pretty fair...not great, but fair. It will pick up in August, textbook season. All I know is I'm ready for cooler weather.


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