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Whatever, just crash it Bob...


We had such a fun day at Water World. We stayed ALL day! We rented tubes, which we don't normally do because it's $4 apiece. But it makes it so much funner, cause you can get right on many of the rides without waiting in line for a tube. Normally you have to wait at the bottom of the ride, and receive a tube from someone who just rode it. Some rides, like our favorite, Tortuga Run..has a wait time of 30 minutes or more just to get a tube. Bleh! So today was super fun.

We had a bit of a scare when we came out of Thunder Bay and Mark realized he had left his keys in his pocket during the wave, and now they weren't there. We searched around the pool (ha! it's enormous) and asked a few lifeguards. We also enlisted Daniel's help, as he is the king of finding things people have lost in the pool. Mark went out to the car to see if maybe he had left them dangling in the trunk. We were soo bummed, we'd only been there a few minutes and this was putting a dark pallor over the whole day. To make matters worse, it wasn't even a large keyring we were looking for. It was two keys on a hair tie. Gah!

I waited for Mark to come back, and stepped over to one of the smoking areas near another lifeguard. I asked her if anyone had turned in any keys (knowing full well they hadn't) and she said that she thought someone had turned in keys and to check at first aid. I went over there and damn all get-out they were there! I was so jazzed. Mark was a very happy guy when he came back. Then someone stole Daniel's favorite shirt (why would you wear your favorite shirt to Water World and then leave it on your chair?) and $2 that he had under the chair. (again..why would you...)

We came home around 5:30 and slacked around all evening, grazing instead of eating dinner and basically being sloths. It was wonderful. Daniel and I watched "Signs", which neither of us had seen yet. It was overall just so-so, but I found myself yelling at the screen frequently. "get out!" "oh no!" "oh shit!" Love those kinds of movies.

So now it's bedtime and I'm hoping Amanda and Justin are having a good time in the Bahamas. (doh.) I'm looking forward to them coming back on Sunday.

Night All.


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