Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Emma had another fabulous day at school. Next week begins her regular schedule of 1 half day, and two full days. Hope that goes as well.

Since I've picked her up at 11:20, we've had to run here and there and everywhere. We went to the canbank, which she thought was the greatest thing since sliced bread. (no crusts!) It was noisy and obnoxious, and she had a heyday putting the cans in the hole. We had 3 large trash bags full, and got $2.75 for it. She squealed like mad whenever it would spit out another quarter. She asked about a billion questions about why we were doing this, where the cans were going and what happens to them. Good ecology lesson there.

Then the post office, and the grocery store, where she said "I've never seen anyone buy so many groceries in my life!" Granted, the buggy was so full by check out time, that I had a few things piled in her lap! Only amounted to $111.00 tho, damn..I'm a good shopper.

Mark called a little while ago just to say howdy. Emma spoke to him for a minute and said "So what are your plans tonight?" What a nut.

Time to do some laundry and get dinner sweetie will be home soon. Yay!

PS - no word from the insurance adjuster on the Subaru, tho the body shop says he is 110% sure it is totaled. Depending on the offer the adjuster makes, Katie may be car shopping again soon. Bleh! She doesn't even have the title for this one yet! I say we all go back to horse and buggys.


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