Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


I dont wanna but I gotta.

I'm missing Mark so much during the day. So many things are changing, and different than they used to be. We can't just go here and there all day long, enjoying each other's company. Instead I'm sitting in the house alone wondering which is worse on tv..Divorce Court or Texas Justice.

We can't stay up late anymore, cause he has to get up early. He's tired when he gets home, and sometimes needs a nap. Plus, he's got oodles of other things to do when he gets home. So even when he's here, he's not here. And that makes me sad.

I suppose it will be better when my school starts, although then I probably will feel even more overwhelmed. I'm sure things will balance out eventually.

I'm just lonely and I miss my guy.


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