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We're heading out to the Taste in a little bit, but am searching for new blogs to blogroll and read. You guys never post! You have such fun interesting things happen in your lives, but I guess they're too fun and you're too busy to write about it. Bah. I like to read people's blogs who post similarly (in quantity) to myself, because since I'm in here a couple of times a day, I'd like to see what you all have to say a couple of times a day too, you know? I'll still be reading the "once and twice a weekers" but I really want to use the blogroll for posts I check in with a couple of times a day, and actually find something new. Actually, maybe I could do two different sorta blogrolls. I dunno, I will think about it. hmmm...

Don't anyone get all weird and offended if you're removed from the ol list. Who cares?! At least you have fair warning. I hate it when I'm dropped from a blogroll and I have no idea why. My first thought is always: "Oh, wow..I suck..but why do I suck..?" I remember once I thought Trish had taken me off her blogroll, and it kinda irritated me. So I took her off of mine. (Real mature, yea.) But then I found myself checking her blog everyday from my sister's blog (who also has her linked). Doh. Then I got a comment or something from Trish, about a post..and I was like 'oh shit. She's reading here?' So I just stopped acting like a baby and added her back up. No blogroll games. Just good reads.

Actually, now that I've finished this post I think I will make two blogroll lists. I will have a frequent and infrequent poster list or something. That way I will still have you on the page, but people won't be directed there as often, to look for new posts.

Also, if you all aren't pinging...please please do. I hate checking and checking all the blogs and finding no one has updated. A little pinging. That's all we ask.

Ok, Im off. Now that I've had my early morning rant, you all have a nice day.


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