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[Edit - this turned into quite a rambling sorry]

I have been a cleaning/filing machine this evening. I finally got all my stray papers filed in my lovely new filing system. I'm happy about that. Organization makes me feel content.

Then I started cleaning out the area by my bed, which was nearing the point of only have a slim path to walk through. Katie decided some time ago that she really liked one of the pyrex patterns I was selling on ebay. (Crazy Daisy). So I started collecting it just for her, and it was out.of.hand. I finally got it all put together and boxed up, sealed for a day when she moves out and has her own place. I even got a little weepy when I was sealing up the box, thinking about the day she'd open it. (Don't even go there..boohoo!)

I "filed" all the other dishes I need to sell on my ebay shelf; a black metal tower of shelves loaded with this and that that will eventually be an auction. I even have about 5 pair of perfectly good size 16 jeans if anyone can use them? Pay me for shipping and they're yours.

In the process however, I've piled an inordinate amount of crap on my desk. Remember, my 7'X4' desk? It's gone. buried. There's still wood under here somewhere...I'm pretty sure. I should take a picture of it, it's humorous, really. I bet if you were to name a few random obscure things, I could find them on my desk.
Tampon? yea.
windex? sure.
a brown paper bag of nails? yup.
wedding bubbles? check.
insect repellant (what do you think?)
a half roll of tp. yes.
Iron-on jean patches. (I gotta iron those on!)
Bookmarks. (only about 25 or so!) Everyone leaves bookmarks in books.

Also, at least 3 knives. And those are just the ones I can see, that aren't buried. I really need to keep all my knives in one place. That's one thing I'm too careless about. I very carefully place my $14 sunglasses in a certain place each night, but I leave $100+ knives laying around like spare change.



We had a BLAST at the Taste today. I bought some fun stuff (Christmas presents even) and we ate everything in site. I can't wait to go back tomorrow with Mark in tow. Katie and Charlie are going too. Fun!!

Speaking of Christmas (we were, trust me)..I have bought so much stuff already. I have been buying things all year, finally becoming one of those people I guess. I just see stuff that people like, or collect, or appreciate and know if I don't get it then I may not find it again. Or, if someone tells me "oh, I want one of those ____".. then I will immediately be on the lookout for one and buy it. I know if I wait, I will forget everything everyone told me they wanted. Cindi mentioned something at Water World that she wanted to get "sometime" and I spotted one today. Heh.

I've gotten a bunch of stuff on ebay, I like to shop at 3 in the morning and see what's ending in the next few minutes, that maybe has slipped under the radar. I have picked up a few really nice things that I'm excited about giving to people. I even picked up a steal of a digital camera for my dad for Christmas, but about two days later Marla called and asked if I would help her buy one for him for Christmas. I was like "uugghhh..." So I just waited a few days, told her I found one, and let her "buy" it for him, through me. It was a steal - 2.1 Mpxels, 2x digital zoom, 16mb card, USB, black and white mode (I always wish my camera had this), etc..etc.. Brand New, for $75. Not a famous brand..but great for him to learn on. That's cool though, he's easy to buy for, and I already have a bunch of stuff for him anyway.

I had to sit down tonight actually and make a spreadsheet of everything I've bought so far, cause in the process of cleaning my room, I'm packing that stuff "away" (read: hide), and I will forget what everything is.

I think buying presents this way is more thoughtful. It shows you pay attention to what people like and want, rather than just buying some random crap.

Actually, some people are thoughtful without thinking about it. Dy once got me a cool stained-glass star (but way prettier than regular stained glass) and I thought that was so cool, because I collect stars, but not that many people know that. And I don't garishly decorate with stars all over the place, but I do have a few special "star" things here and there. You have to be paying pretty close attention to see it, I think.

I'm not thoughtful by nature, I have to work at it. If I wait 6 months I will forget that you told me you liked a specific scent of fancy lotion..or have always wanted a certain book about Winnie the Pooh.

So make sure you tell me what you want for Christmas. And then stay away from the top shelf of my closet.

me: Im hungry
Katie: Im not hungry, but I'm eating.


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