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Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Don't even think of sending me an e-greeting card now, cause I'm never opening another one again. This is w-a-y disturbing. Checking up on people has gotten way out of hand. You send this program to someone as an ecard, and it gives you this:

"It records and sends you all e-mails they view, including Hotmail, Yahoo, and Outlook emails. All the Passwords they type into their web browser are also recorded and sent to you. Every single Chat conversation they have on the internet. EXACT copies of every Hotmail e-mail viewed, Yahoo, Excite, AOL, and even Outlook emails. All these e-mails are Forwarded to you in the background, in real-time! After they read their email, you will have a copy of it - seconds later."

Fuck that noise.

Courtesy of the presurfer.


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