Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


This is for Jenn, who says she came across her perfect man in an online personals profile...and then just kept clicking away, and made no move to get in touch with him. She says "Why can't I meet a guy like this?"

He's right there! He's looking for someone who is looking for someone like him. That's you. Don't let that slip out of your fingers. I believe things are put in our path to foster the plan for our lives. Whether you believe in God, or faith, or have to recognize when things are strategically put in front of us.

It reminds me of the story about the man in a flood. A spiritual man, thorough his life, he trusted God to keep him safe. One day it began to rain, and the weather reports said to prepare for flood. His neighbors sandbagged their properties, and eventually fled to higher ground. The man did nothing, but he prayed, and he trusted God to keep him safe. Soon some neighbors in a paddle boat came by and yelled for him to get in.

"No thanks, God's gonna keep me safe."

Soon he was floating on furniture near his ceiling as he watched the waters outside rise higher and higher. Rescue workers came by in a motor boat and insisted he get in.

"No thanks, God will keep me safe."

Eventually he had to retreat outside and climb onto the roof, as the water had completely filled the inside of his house. A Coast Guard helicopter soon hovered overhead and the men dropped a ladder and pleaded with him to come aboard.

He shouted - "No thanks, God will keep me safe!"

Hours later, the water overcame his position and he drowned. When he arrived in heaven, he questioned God.

"I prayed and prayed, I thought you would keep me safe"

God gave him a disconcerted look and said;

"I sent you two boats and helicopter!!"

My unsolicited advice is just to try to be aware when things you want...or might need later are put in front of you. It might pass your eyes for only a second, so don't question it or let it go without a second glance. Mark and I marvel all the time about how many teeny tiny things had to be in exactly the right place in the right time for us to meet, and to get this far. It's a miracle, truly. So many things had to align exactly's almost scary.

Just get in the damn helicopter.


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