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Back from kindergarten hijinks. I got to meet:

The Girl Who Is Way Too Big For Her Age
The Boy Who Only Speaks Russian
The Boy Who Speaks Russian and English and Helps The Boy Who Only Speaks Russian
The Girl With A Lot of Missing Teeth
The Really Really Quiet Girl
The Distracted Boy
and finally..
The Boy Who Wore His Pajamas To School.

However, in that boy's defense, I sent Daniel to school in his pajamas once, when he continually fussed about getting dressed in the morning. "You don't want to get dressed? Fine with me. Off you go."

I only had to do that once.

So who knows, maybe pajama boy fusses about getting dressed. Or maybe he just likes to be cozy and comfy at school. Who knows.

We made spider legs, we traced our name with orange glue. We ran out of time and Nell ends up finishing everyone's spider after they've gone to lunch and turned the lights out on me. Pft.

And I am simply and utterly sick, tired and frustrated of being called...well, nothing. Emma's teacher introduced me as Emma's step-mom, which of course brought a loud and demanding uproar from Emma, who got out of her seat to stomp around the room and shout "She's not my stepmom! How many times do I have to tell you that!"

To which Emma's teacher replied, "well then, what is she?"

Awkward deathly silence. 21 pairs of little eyes looking at me. My heart sank. I got that shitty feeling in the pit of my stomach - the one that makes you mutter "Fuuuck....." under your breath. Emma's teacher finally bailed me out and said "well, it doesn't matter cause she's here to help us and that makes her special!"

Kinderspeak to save the damned.


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