Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Not much going on, just trying to get ahead of the game since things are getting busier. I start volunteering in Emma's classroom on Thursdays, starting this Thursday, I guess I got the "all-clear" from whatever background check they do. I also need to call a few more people re her halloween party, and in addition to school I have several overnight clinicals starting this week. This Sunday night I'll be near downtown from 11pm-7am in the ER. That should be fun. And in relation to that, I still need to get a watch with a second hand. Don't have one of those yet. Must do. soon. soon. I have one pair of EMT pants, but I feel like I should get one more. And why in God's name is every EMT shirt issued to us WHITE?! Bleh. I can't stay clean in white anyway, much less dealing with a multitude of bodily solutions.

My test went well I think, it took me 90 minutes, and I'm pretty sure I did ok. There was a very few things that I had to guess on, and when I came home to look them up, I found that I got about 3/4 of those right. So I should be....right about where I always am, in the mid 80's percent.

Getting ready to head out to the post office for now, and then maybe the cleaners. Wow, so exciting!


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