Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


The concert was great fun..but really really HOT. You could feel cold air blowing in around certain places in the auditorium but the colume of bodies in such close proximity just made it really really stuffy and sweaty. But damn, it was fun. Daniel and Craig had a really good time too.

Not doing much today - had lunch with my mom, Mark and Katie. We went to Chili's, had bad service, and got a generous amount taken off of our bill. My first complaint was "could you fiind our waitress? We've been seated for some time and haven't seen her yet." My second complaint was "Could you send the manager over to take our order, please, we still haven't seen a waitress." After our second complaint they couldn't do enough for us. And, the manager did indeed end up being our server.

Mark and I are off to Target now, for lack of anything better to do. Neither one of us are feeling 100% and there is nothing on tv. I know, a billion channels and nothing to watch.


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