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I'm all for accomodations..but...

This website has a bunch of products for plus and "supersize" (their word, not mine) folks. (My guess is that if they supersized a little less often, they wouldn't need the website's products.)

Anyway, what makes me mad is anytime a company comes along that is "meeting the unique needs" of a certain population their shit is really really expensive! You can't tell me it costs that much more to make a supersized fannypack. $26!

And this, for those "who have reach problems when using the toilet (when a bidet isn't available)." Um. Ok, I get it. So you can't reach under or around to wipe. And they want you to use this. Fine. Except that for $30 you can wipe yourself six times. And it's going to cost you $20 to replace those six sponge heads to wipe yourself another six times. That's costing you $5 everytime you poop. Unless you're washing these things off. Let's not go there.

One more thing. If you're at a point in your life size-wise, that you need a Big Bib, it's really time to do something.


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