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I am still full...

We all went to PF Ch*ng's for Amanda's brithday celebration this afternoon and it was yummmy. They bring your orders to you "family-style" and everyone just passes all the dishes around and takes a bit of this and a bit of that. Man, it was terrific. There was 9 of us, and it was quite lively. We had a great time. That is until my mom realized she was missing the Bronco game (an early one today, she was unaware) and then you could tell she couldn't wait to get out of there.
I think she caught the last 5 minutes in the car or something. Amanda got some cool gifts and I think everyone really had fun.

I need to go pull books, Mark is on his way home with Emma and there isn't usually a whole lot of actual work that gets accomplished the first few hours of her arrival. We'll listen to everything she did all weekend, everything mommy did all weekend, and etc., etc., etc.... It's charming conversation, tho.

Last night was such a rip-roarin' bunch o fun. Mark and his friend M played pool for quite a while, and although I had warned him ahead of time not to leave me alone with M's wife for too long, it turned out fine because we got on so famously. We stayed out late late late and we were all sorry to lose each other's company. We laughed till we cried at some of the characters in the bar. There was one girl there that was a terrific singer, and she was really cool to listen to. Everyone else...well, you know.

This place is such a dive, we were waiting for M and J to arrive and I asked Mark - "did you give them good directions?" He said "Yes, I told them it's right between the car wash and the Salvation Army." We had to laugh, knowing how accurately that describes the atmosphere inside and out of the bar. lol

Since I was driving, Mark took that as his opportunity to tie one on pretty good, and he was so funny. Loud and obnoxious, singing along with the karaokers, and then slipping into the oh-so-common "I love you so much" stupor. We had so much fun and are really hoping we can connect with M and J again, cause we no friends.

Ok, off to pull books and be productive. Whee.


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