Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Slugville, USA. I haven't done shit all day.

I am taping Real Women Have Curves, that's about as ambitious as the day has gotten. Mark is in the middle of a "deal" so he won't be home for a while, probably just in time for me to head to the hills to pick up Daniel. After I get back from there, we're gonna go get some dinner and maybe find something fun to do. We talked about going to see Terry Pratchett at the Tatt^%ed Cover Bookstore, but the timing didn't work out with Mark's schedule.

I love having our Saturday nights free, and I love that Mark is always just up for anything. I never have to talk him into going out..or staying in. His attitude is always "whatever you want to do sounds good to me." And we always have fun, no matter what we find to do.

I'm feeling over-the-top lucky and in love today. I have the most considerate, generous, sexy man. And he's head over heels for me too. That's the best part.

I'm hot. I hate this time of year because in Colorado you change clothes at least 3 times in one day. It's cold in the mornings, it heats up in the afternoon and then when the sun goes down it's cold again.


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