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Has been a "catch up" type of morning - making calls here and there, getting a few snail mail things tidied up, and now it's about time to go run some errands. Emma had a great day at school, they had a substitute cause apparently Mrs. B hurt her knee. Dunno anything about that, we'll have to see what the poop is. Now that the initial get to know you phase of kindergarten is over, I'm going to volunteer in the classroom on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, as soon as I get all cleared through the district. Seems no one can just step in and volunteer willy-nilly, you gots to be officiamagated. Emma's teacher said probably next week she'd be having parental unit volunteers.

I have also heard through the proverbial grapevine, that like SQ's sons school, (Sept 23) our district may go to a "NO home made treats" protocol in the future. I'm a bit on the fence about that one. We'll see what happens. As it stands now, tho..we're good to go for home-made treats for halloween.

I think Emma's halloween party will be a lot of fun. I have one activity, and one game planned. The rest of the time they can just run around and be crazy kindergartners, which is all they will want to do anyway. I have a BUTTload of parents volunteering to help and to make stuff, so I shouldnt have to do much expect for the halloween shaped sugar cookies I have planned. I got a check from the school that helps cover some of the expenses, I thought that was really nice.

Tomorrow begins the awful string of dentist appointments I will be having for the next gabillion months. I have 4 root canals and 4 crowns to get done, plus a deep periodontal cleaning, and a tooth whitening session. The cleaning is tomorrow, and my dentist has "thrown in" the tooth whitening session for free at the end of all my work. ($330 worth, whee!) My saving grace is the nitrous is "offered at no extra charge"..which I take full advantage of every.single.time. It's so nice. Put the mask on...drift a little, and it seems that my 3 hour root canal is done in 5 minutes. I LOVE it. Nitrous oxide rocks. I even have my own personal mask, isn't that funny? They give everyone their own after you ask for it a couple of times in a row.

In all, all the work will end up costing me about $2400. I have to pay a certain amount everytime I go, which is nice. My office is always really good about letting me pay off a little at a time. I suppose the fact that I have gone there since before Daniel was born has something to do with it. It took me about 9 months to pay off Katie's $1200, but I did it, and paid every single month on time. That makes them more than willing to work with me in the future, yanno?

Time to go get stuff done. Later all.


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