Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


It's always nice to get the first meltdown of the week out of the way early...

We told Emma weeks ago when we switched to dish that we would no longer be receiving Discovery Kids channel, home of "The Saddle Club"....she was totally fine about it. Now for some reason tonight, she has decided that this fact is completely and totally unacceptable. Nevermind that she has at least 25 channels of her own to watch whenever she pleases (well, 2 hours a day, anyway) and that she's only watched Saddle Club a couple of times anyway, usually favoring something else that was on at the same time. Gah.

I was tempted to give her the one of the Saddle Club videos I have stashed away for Christmas, but decided against it, reminding myself that rewarding bad behavior is a mistake. So, we dealt with the meltdown, and now all seems fine. At least she didn't lose the Discovery Health Channel, can you imagine?! The horrah!


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