Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


We got out late late from school last night. The teach is trying to wrap up the rest of what we need to know before the midterm on Monday. 200 questions covering 24 chapters. Don't even talk to me about it. I'm frrreeakin out! I went over the exam review last night tho and was surprised at how much I knew off the top of my head, without even hearing the multiple choices.

So now today I will spend my morning at the dentist. Last night big hair girl and I were wishing we could take our EMT books with us more places to study. Thing is, they are BIG and ORANGE (I mean really big, and REALLY orange) and have a picture of a big red fire truck on the front and the word EMERGENCY!! splashed across it. It's not very discreet, and actually might as well have lights and sirens on it.

Plus, it doesn't really say it's a textbook so we look like we could be reading the biggest trivia book ever about the old show "EMERGENCY". Johnny Gage, remember? (See, toldja I've wanted to do this forever. lol)
She's going to some conference today for her work and was lamenting about how she couldn't bring it to read cause it was too big and too obvious. I won't be bringing it to the dentist, either.

Ok, time to get Emma too school and get myself to the torture chamber, I mean the dentist.


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