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Promo Guy's Monday Mission

1. If you were to go on a diet (not that you should, babe, you look marvelous), which of the "fad diets" sounds the most appealing to you?

Actually I just bought a program that I am going to try. It seems balanced, and it makes sense. I'm not going to tell you what it is.

2. I only ask, because with the holidays coming up, there will be a lot more food in our house than usual. It tempts me. Maybe if I exercise I can loose some now, and eat then and have it all balance out. Do you get much exercise?

The only exercise I get is at school, which is minimal, plus I seem to do a lot of walking here and there.

3. When I was walking the other night, I noticed a rent house was being cleaned out by the landlord. Apparently the owners just took the essentials and left a lot of junk in the house. The owner had stacked piles of junk on the lawn for the sanitation collectors. But I noticed several things in that mess that maybe I could use (like a gas powered hedge trimmer). I may still go back some dark evening. Have you ever raided someone's junk pile that was left out for the garbage truck? Or gone dumpster diving? What did you find?

Have I ever raided someone's junk pile? You mean today? heh. I am the queen of trash/treasure.

4. Also in that same dumpster was the most awful shade of bright green carpet you've ever seen. Seriously, you wouldn't believe it if I showed you (and I will try to get a photo). Do you have any memories of ugly carpeting in your home or someone else's?

I've had a lot of ugly carpet.

5. As summer draws to a close, it means fewer outside chores. One I won't miss at all is mowing the lawn! What summertime chores will you be glad to see go away for the winter months?

Well, I am completely anti-outdoor as far as chores go. I don't mow, garden, landscape, plant, seed, weed, cultivate, or anything vaguely resembling such things. I hate it with a passion, and have no desire to do it ever. ever. ever. It's the worst thing I can imagine doing.

6. Of course, it is hard to mention fall without at least touching on football. Do you have a(ny) favorite football team(s)? Do you and your family root for the same teams to win?

Sorry, I'm anti-football too.

7. I will be heading to Anaheim next month to stay a few days for a convention. It would be great to meet up with some Bloggers, but I just don't know many out there. If you were to visit California, are there any Bloggers you'd like to meet up with? (And if you are in California, then who would you like to come see you!)

Hmm, I don't know. I read a lot of blogs, but I always forget where they are from. The only two bloggers i can think of that are in Cali are jhames and AJ, and I have no desire to meet either. (That's not a dig, we just have absolutely nothing in common). Besides, there are too many other fun things to do in Cali.

BONUS: Where can you begin to make your dreams all come true on the land or on the sea?

Definately on the sea.


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