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Your patient's dead, and you killed him.

That was the theme of tonights skill set. Tricking us, trapping us with confusing symptoms, and just out and out giving us false information. I, personally only killed one person, thankyouverymuch. I had forgot my contraindications and gave a chest pain patient nitroglycerin, which lowered his already too low blood pressure and he keeled. Bah.

Things are really gearing up on skills nights. We had a mondo amount of scenarios thrown at us in small groups, and got yelled at a lot. But that's ok, we need it. We're taking too long, we're missing things, we're forgetting things. We're 8 weeks away from taking the National Licensing Exam, for crying out loud. We have to have this down or we are so screwed.

And I'm LOVING it!

I love figuring out the problem given a minimal amount of symptoms. I love talking to the "patients" (other students, actually) and building the rapport and making them feel better, safer, and healthier. I love the feeling I get when it "clicks"- when the signs and symptoms come together in my head and I know what to do, and I do it and it works. Yee haw.

In other news, mom's nose is still dribbling. She will go in on Sat to have them remove the packing and see what's going on. Hope for a good outcome, would you?

The kids are off school tomorrow. Goodbye blissday.

PS - next weeks skill set is emergency childbirth. Whee!


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