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Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Yesterday was nuts.

We went out to lunch with my mom, and that was fun. Denny's for some yummy and cheap breakfast. After we got home I'd settle in on the couch for just a bit when my mom calls and says she has a nosebleed that won't stop. I gave her some instructions that we'd learned about stubborn nosebleeds, but 15 minutes later she calls and says it's not working and she wants to go to Kaiser's clinic, but doesn't think she should drive there. I went ahead and packed up all my school stuff before I went over to get her, and it's a good thing cause we didn't get out of there till 6:30!!

I really wasn't prepared for the scene at her house. There was a lot of blood all over the kitchen and her nose was really gushing. Grossing you out yet?

Anyway, long story never would stop bleeding. The doctor finally resorted to packing her nose tightly with medicated gauze, a last resort because she's on oxygen and this would block one whole side of her nose. She seemed to be doing ok late last night, tho it was still dripping a bit, even through the tight gauze. I felt so bad, what a nuisance to have to go through.

I made it to class, an hour late - but no big deal. We were just reviewing for the midterm on Monday. She did inform us if we don't pass the midterm our grades wouldn't be high enough to take the National Boards on December 5. Ack. I'm confident tho, during the review we did last night, I knew every answer. Cross your fingers!

Daniel's and my dads birthdays are both on Monday, so I might take the test during the afternoon class so I can be home that night. Depends on what Daniel wants to do, I suppose.

Today is going to be a blur. Dentist at 10, which will probably be 2 hours. Daniel's school conferences at 3, then school again. You know it - we all love it - there's nothing else like it!! It's skills night! No ambulance rides however, we're doing practicals on the defibrulator. CLEAR!

Ok..enough Tom foolery. Time to go get ready for the Root Canal House of Fun.


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