Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Am sick, sick sick. The whole left side of my body is achy and sore to the touch. I have a massive sore throat and am sooo tired. I've had a 2-3 degree fever off and on all day. Mark and I went to a brunch buffet and about half-way through it, I knew I should have stayed at home.

Tomorrow is Daniel's birthday and Katie and I are scrambling to put something together for him. Although Friday was his "celebration" with the concert and all, it looks like his actual birthday is going to go by without fanfare. I told him I would take him shopping in the morning, then we're gonna have a quick cake and candles around 4, before Katie goes to work and before I go take my test. The rest of the evening he'll be pretty much home alone.

It's my dads birthday tomorrow too, gonna call him tomorrow and try to set something up for next weekend.

Now, I have to go lay down again. I have spurts of about 15 minutes of feeling ok, then 2 hours of feeling shitty again. My 15 minutes are up.


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