Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Bleh. Class tonight sucky sucky. Me no love you long time.

I left early, really early. I tried to get "signed off" on two skills, both medical assessments and I bombed. The proctor said "If I was interviewing you, I'd hire you, that was awesome..but you missed every critical vocalization". Gah. We have to verbalize: "I am now considering contacting Advanced Life Support (ALS), I am now performing my initial assessment. I am now taking vital signs, I am now making a transport decision." Blah blah blah. Well, for some damned reason this all escaped me and I did the assessment like I was really talking to a patient. I clicked on everything, I got, I had it. I even recognized that the patient needed nitroglycerin, but couldn't have it because he'd taken Viagra the day before. The proctor also said "You will make an amazing EMT, but you've got to pass these skills at Nationals, and you have to do it like this, or you will fail for sure."

Greeeaaat. Just great.

I was so disgusted, I left. I've got to memorize these freakin verbalizations that are required, or I am screwed.

Tomorrow I am doing a 12 hour stint on an alleged busy ambulance. Humph. Busy till I get there, that is. "Gee willickers, we've never had a whole day with no calls. Weird."

I'm going to bed early, as this frantic-call-a-minute-free-for-all starts at 7:45am. See ya on the flip side. (Of a horrific rollover car crash, with pinned occupants and an ejected driver!) (..who all walk away from their injuries, because we don't actually want to wish anyone harm, no we don't. - karma, bad karma...)


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