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Well, that was fun.

Actually it was better today cause the kids are starting to get to know me, and some even like me. Go figure. We traced our hands and cut them out for feathers for a giant turkey that will hang on the wall. We also made a list of things we are thankful for. (Most kids didn't know what thankful meant, so we had to talk about that first).

One girl, "L" was so funny. I really didn't care for her much at first, her looks kinda creeped me out, and her grandma is a real bitch. Anyway, we were talking and I asked her what she was thankful for and she said "wunch."

"Wunch!" My samich in my wunch!"

I had to giggle.

Then I was doing the hands with two boys, one ("T") is a rambunctious ball of fire, and I really like him. They decided to rekindle the "who are you" conversation.

J: I know who your mom is
Me: yea?
J: Emma
T: Emma ain't her mom!
J: (laffing) I mean you're Emma's mom
T: No she's not, she's Emma's friend
J: Well what are you doin here then?
T: Cause she ain't got nothin better to do!!

Word for word, that was the conversation. I almost laughed. almost.

Then the two went into a giggle fest, talking about some kids' moms. (In a not so flattering way)

Then I laughed. You had to, their observations are pure and blatant. Tact is not something they possess in any form.

So, a good day so far. Class tonight, outside in the cold. I'll be so bundled I probably wont be able to put my arms at my sides.

Breakfast with fireman Steve was great. Mark came too, even tho we met up at 7:30. Dunno if he just wanted to go or...well, who knows. (I used to date Steve a bit..)

So we talked a lot of school and work, and life in general. He's been divorced officially since April and is dating here and there. I hope he finds someone who's really good to him. He is a catch, believe me.

He had some good advice and some great advice. We talked about how not to get caught up in the craziness of some calls. (child abuse, severe trauma, kids deaths, etc) he said "Just remember, always's not your emergency. It's their emergency, and you're just here to help for a few minutes." Good advice.

Anyay, my teeth are hurting a bit so I'm outta here - I'm headed for ibuprofenville.


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