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I love this quote that Jennifer had on her site today..

"At the worst, a house unkept cannot be so distressing as a life unlived."
~Rose Macaulay

I am definately living my life. I've wasted so many years and so much emotional energy trying to be the thing/person that the other people in my life wanted.

I've taken risks, I've stepped out on a limb, and I've leapt out of my box.

No only won't I have to lay on my deathbed, reflect on my life and say "Well, that sucked..." I won't have to say that about this year, or even this month.

You all know that things around here aren't peachy all the time, but I can definately say that we are living life. We are experiencing the things that build memories, instill values, and show good character and integrity to ourselves, and to our kids. There are a lot of people around the world that would give anything for a family like this.

Most of the time we have no money, we drive crappy cars, and shop at the thrift store. We eat shake-n-bake and tuna helper sometimes.

But we are proud of how far we've come, individually and as a family. We don't waste money, we pay our bills on time, and we don't have any debt. We treat ourselves when we can, and that's always for something really special. ($110 for 3 Good Charlotte tickets qualifies).

And we have some damn good times. Most of the things we do as a family don't cost anything at all. We are just glad to be together and in each other's company.

Nothing has been handed to us, we've worked hard to get to this place in life. But it's a really nice place to be once you get there.

So stop cleaning your damn house, or worrying about it. And go live your life. Have fun, make memories, take pictures, and sing songs.

No regrets.


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