Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Ohh, what a fun day.

Emma had a long day at school today so Mark and I seized the opportunity to just go out and about like old times. We went to breakfast, went and picked up an air conditioner we won on ebay, and then went to 3 thrift stores. I didn't spend very much money, but I got some really cute winter hats (oh my god they're cute) and some storage containers for all of Katie's craft stuff she's been accumulating. We also got 6 bags of books, which was tons o fun.

Emma had a play date after school, and they didn't bring her home till 7pm. She was full of energy and words when she got home, and that was fun, but it was nice to have just that few extra hours of quiet.

The washer still isn't working and may be DOA. We'll know more in a day or so, and may have to get a new one this weekend or something. So for now, it's helloooo laundromat. At least I'm reading a good book, so I can bring that and ignore all the weirdos. I think I will go do that in the morning.

Hope everyone is doing swimmingly. Catch ya later alligator.


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