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Whatever, just crash it Bob...


I admit I don't respond to every single comment or tag here. But I reply to a lot. And I'm fed up to here with people that don't respond at all. Trish (serenity quest), Margie (buzzaroni) and Stacey (litter box) are SO good about responding. I almost always get a personal email every time I leave a comment there. That's above and beyond, if you ask me...but so appreciated.

But there are a couple of people that I have left comments for that not only derserved a response, but nearly out and out asked a question and begged for a response. Nothing. I've left up to 6 or 7 comments at people's blogs before {cough-living nappy-cough} and they don't even acknowledge the repeated visits. I think it's just rude.

So I'm gonna take em off the rolls. And when I take someone off the roll, it usually means that I'm still reading them occasionally, I just don't recommend them anymore. I don't want to send them traffic when I think they're rude and discourteous. I just dont have time right now to tidy the blogroll. We're going out to eat. Country Buffet! CARBS!


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