Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


A lovely lass called Sharon left me a comment about my blog being on a site called technorati that apprently had me listed as #32 of 100 noteworthy "newcomer" blogs.

Since I've been writing for 3 years, I wonder what it takes to become old hat. Anyway, my link isn't there anymore, I guess I've either become obsolete or no longer noteworthy. In any case, Sharon looks like she might be a good read, and technorati looks like a place to find more good reads. I'll keep ya posted.

I just watched a really old movie called "Vault of Horror." All I can say is there's 85 minutes I'll never get back. It was a short story compilation from 1973, similar to the Twilight Zone movies, the likes of which I love. But this was tired, boring, and about as scary as moldy cheesecake. Close up the Vault of Horror folks, there is nothing to see here.


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