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The Monday Mission (which will be ending on January 5, wah!)

1. Do you have any vacation time from work saved up for the Holidays? Or are you taking any time off or traveling this month? What are your plans?
Well, since I don't work, every day is a vacation day. No traveling, except to mi familia that is nearby.

2. When do you do most of your blogging? During the day, at work, at home, at night?

3. What tends to keep you from blogging more? Or could it be that you blog too much and should do less?
I definately blog too much. w-a-y too much.

4. Do you like dressing up and/or "role playing?"
Well. Dressing up is one thing and role playing is quite another, isn't it? I don't like to dress up..the rest we'll leave to your naughty imaginations.

5. When choosing a mate, there are some things you can overlook (boob size, hairy backs, beer belly, bad teeth, hair lip, etc.) and some things you just can't (see previous list). What are some of thing things you can live with when picking your partner, and what are the things that are a "must have?"
They must have good teeth, I'm a stickler for nice teeth. Dealbreakers? Full beards, rusty bouncy pickup trucks, squares, excessive farting, chain smokers, grease under the fingernails.

6. My neck and back are in a constant state of tension. In fact, on the rare occasion that someone gives me a neck/back-rub, I am so tense that it hurts when they work out the kinks. I am just more used to being tense than not. I think I need help. Have you ever had a professional massage or ever been to a Chiropractor?
I've had a professional massage, at a place in Idaho Springs and it was absolutely wonderful. I'd love to do it again, but it's a little pricey for me.

7. Inspired by the Amazing Penis Patch.... Does size really matter? Yeah you know exactly what I mean too. Men, what have you been told and what do you know to be true? Girls, what is the real story and is that what you tell the guys? Have you ever been scared of one that was too big? For both: why do you think this debate is still going on?
It's not so much size, really. Well kind of. Long and thin is no fun. Some can definately be too big. That's not fun either. Mostly tho, it's the motion of the ocean that matters.

BONUS: Do they know it's Christmas time at all?
They better, cause I want some stuff!


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