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We went to hear a sermon, but got an earful instead...

Katie and I have been trying to find a new church that we both like, and that's nearby. We were going to try a baptist church closeby today, but when we got there the meager number of bodies streaming in were all over 70, at least. We had a plan "B", so we went there.

At first we were really encouraged and pleased. It had a good range of age groups, some people were dressed casually and some were dressed up, and we liked the music.


Suddenly all hell broke loose, more or less. A guy stood up and said there would be no Sunday School today because as of yesterday, the Senior Pastor had been fired. Then a woman stood up and wanted to read a scripture. The man at the podium said no. The congregation started hollering, saying "Let her read it!!" "Let her talk!" So she read it. Then she said "Satan has come into this church!!"

Oh dear.

Then a man stood up and said "MY wife and I left our last church cause we didn't feel the spirit of God there, and I hope you all can settle your differences and remember why we're all here.." Then a guy from across the room said "If you're looking for a church with the spirit of God, KEEP LOOKING!!" People were getting up and leaving left and right. People were just very very upset.

I don't know what's been going on in this church, but they are in some serious turmoil. Katie and I went back and forth from laughing at the idiocy of it all, to just sitting there with our mouths open.

We stayed, and heard the sermon which sounded forced at best. No one in that church was thinking about the music, the sermon, or even the worship. We had communion at the end which was nice because I haven't taken communion since before Dan left, like 3 and a half years ago. That part was nice, I felt a little more centered and connected afterward.

So after the service the congregation stayed for a meeting about the future of the church. In prayer just before we left, the guy said "there will be a lot of hurt feelings, a lot of tranperancies and a lot of anger in this meeting". I couldn't wait to get the Jumpin' Jahosephat out of there, though it may have been interesting to stay and see what all the hubbub was about.

It's unfortunate that the very place that should hold the most meaning for believers is rumbling from the inside out. That the place of divinity and holiness is so fraught with anger and bad feelings. I sincerely hope they get their issues worked out, because what we saw today is making the God I love very, very sad.

So...we're still looking.


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