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I had planned on doing a lot more pc stuff/blog stuff/picture stuff tonight, but when I got home Mark and I were due for a "discussion". Who knew? Let me tell you folks, this blended family stuff is hard work.

So I took a bunch of pictures at class tonight, and it was fun cause a lot of other folks brought their cameras too. I didn't get a picture of every person in class, a lot of folks left early. I'll put them up tomorrow for ya. Saturday night we are all having a party, I will be spreading myself very thin (I wish!) as it is Mark's C-Mas party too.

Today Emma and I had to go run some errands, and one of them was to make some copies. First we went to King Stupids, and their machine was broke. So we went to Safeway, and then I get in by the machine and I don't have all the things I need to copy. Some I have left in my planner in the car.

So we traipse back out, and I had parked in the very first spot, about 10 yards from the front door, so I told Emma to wait right there outside the store, and sit on this bench that was there. I stepped a few feet out to the car and then a lady came out of the exit and looked at Emma. I could hear every word, so I just listened. It's funny to hear the kinds of responses Emma gives to people that talk to her sometimes. This was no exception.

"Where's your mom?"
"Oh, she's in Monte Vista"

- long pause. The lady didn't quite know what to think of this. Monte Vista is four hours away!

"Well, did she just leave you here?"
"No, SHE left me with my dad, then HE went to work and so HE left me with Nell, and SHE left me here."

I was laughing so damn hard. Just about then she saw me there at the car and I waved. She said "oh my gosh, she's so funny!" I said "Oh, I know.."

It's 3:20am again...see you all tomorrow.


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