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Reading about Stacey's dream remind me of something weird.

Since about 1999 I've had a recurring dream about once every six months or so. The dream isn't that fascinating, but I have to explain it to preface.

Basically, I am trying to use a phone and for some reason, am unable to dial. Sometimes the phone is broken, and sometimes I just can't get my fingers to dial the numbers properly. Sometimes my fingers keep slipping off the numbers. Sometimes it's a phone I'm unsure how to use. It's not a frantic situation, I'm not trying to make an emergency call, it's just an annoyance. It's always different types of phones. It has been an old desk-type rotary phone, a vintage stick-type phone, among others.

It doesn't take an expert to analyze that this means I am holding back information in one way or another to the people in my life. That there are things I need to say but am unable. That's a whole 'nother blog post.

So, anyway. Here's the weird part. The other day I was napping on the couch and I heard the tones of my phone signaling a text message. It was beeping in real life, but I incorporated the sound into my dream. In my dream I picked up the phone and started punching the buttons to retrieve the message, and in my dream said to myself - "Watch, it probably won't work".

I was remembering my recurring dream while dreaming. Dontcha think that's weird?


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