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Blogroll moving and shaking. If you're looking for a blog you used to read, email me for the url. Then you can write to them and ask them why they don't post for a week! Whee!

I'm trying to pull books, do a biology project, (final has been extended to December 11 or some shit - blah) - take a look at my EMT notes now and then, and a million other things. Our book sales get REALLY busy this time of year, for about the next week - 10 days. I'm glad - cause we need the money. Our rent is so ridiculously high, but was right on target for the market at the time. Now we could get a comparable house for up to 300 dollars less a month. Gah...that sucks.

Coming up with $1305 every month plus everything else isn't easy. Thank goodness we've got irons in several fires to keep us afloat. There are a lot of unnecessaries that we could pare if we ever had to, but for now - everything works. I just hate paying so much for rent!

I can't wait till January or so to actually be working, or at least looking for work. It's going to be a juggling act to make sure everything in the house still runs smooth, but I think it's possible. If I do get a job, it will most likely be overnight or at least graveyard. That will be good most of the time, but it could get tricky now and then, depending on who needs to go where and who needs picked up when. But we'll manage, we always do. And it looks like the little part time gig I mentioned will probably go through, just gonna take some time to get some paperwork in order, etc. I'm looking froward to that. It's nice cause it's pretty much of a "if you can work great, if you can't no problem". I'll tell you aallll about it when it's set in stone.

Tomorrow. EMT Final. I got a note in the mail to remind me. Ha! Like I need reminding. The note also reminded me of this:

The final cannot be re-taken. If you fail the final, your course will have to be repeated at your own expense.

I do not want to even think about that.


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