Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


And a frantic time was had by all...

I don't what it is but everytime we have a holiday at my moms house, it ends up being this hectic event where everyone gets loud and in each other's face about everything. Not in a bad way, it's just silly. "The turkey's not brown." "You're stepping on mom's oxygen." "No one ate any stuffing." "We forgot the cranberry patties in the fridge." It's so nice to have everyone together at once tho, we don't get to have that nearly enough.

So we ate and ate and ate and then we played Trivial Pursuit. Amanda and Katie felt like they needed to be a team, which they probably do since at lunch they thought yams were an animal. They won, but we didn't finish because in my ADD-laden family we all lost interest after about 20 minutes.

Emma ate gobs and gobs of turkey, though the L-trip doesn't seem to affect her at all. She hardly slowed down for even a second. She's started sucking her thumb regularly, so we spent a large amount of the day popping that out of her mouth.

Katie and I spent the morning pouring over the ads so we can plan our attack for tomorrow. We're starting at Michael's at 6am, then will move on to Walgreens, WalMart, Kmart, Kohls, Target and finally the mall. We have a list for every store, and what the time constraints are on the ads. Michaels specials are only good till 8am, so we have to start there first.

Last night Katie and I were chatting online from different rooms, and pointing out urls to each other - ideas for C-mas presents for folks. She found a brand of clothing for kids called Horse Lovers, and we picked a few things from there that Emma will love. Emma's been asking for a whiteboard too, so I got one of those for her the other day. My mom got her that big My Pony book, which she saw in person at Cindi's book fair and fell in LOVE with. She'll be so tickled.

Mark is on his way to drop the midget to mommy, and he'll be picking up Daniel on the way home. Then I think we're settling in with a fire in the fireplace and a bit of cuddling. You don't even have to ask what I'm thankful for today.


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