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Mark had a meeting with Emma's school caretakers about her progress, and we were a bit disappointed with the results. There's a lot of things we need to be working on daily. Today she earned a little bit of extra TV time by sitting down and learning some rhyming words. She also very maturely elected to "save" the tv time for later, so she could watch Animal Precinct, instead of Power Puff Girls and Dexter's Laboratory, which was the only thing on at the time. She needs a lot of work on her counting, letter recognition, fine motor, rhyming, and reading. Mark's busily downloading helpful software. She seems to learn well on educational programs, so I hope that gives her a boost.

Emma also lost a lens to her glasses today at school. She has her spare pair, but now that's another trip or two up to the damn eyeglass place to get these repaired. Why can't somebody make glasses that hold up, for crying out loud?

Katie and I did a littlke thrift storing today, though I was pretty much counting change, so didn't buy much at all. We were lamenting that we won't have a penny to play with at the after Thanksgiving sales. That's poopy. There's always such fun deals! I'm gonna have to see what kind of Peter I can borrow from to pay Paul with, know what I mean?

Katie and Daniel are off school till Tuesday, I'm glad. I like when they're around. I'm looking forward to Thursday at my moms house. I hope she doesn't decide to wear the gravy again.


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