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Since we just watched Vivor last night, I need to post a little sumthin sumthin about it, even tho it's old news.

So. Rupert's outta there. How'd you like his little exit speech? Some teen mentor, eh? "wah, I never fit in, my dreams are never realized, this could have changed my life, wah wah." No offense bro, but I don't want you mentoring my kids. Their esteem would go right in the shitter, no doubt.

And I swear to God, if someone does not slice Lil in the jugular next week, I'm going to time paradox myself to the Pearl Islands and do it myself. Again, is this the person you want as your kids scoutmaster? "wah, nobody likes me, I can't catch fish, look at my sad stupid face, wah wah." She scrunches up her face and pouts like nobody I've ever seen. She puts Emma's "I'm so sad" face to shame. Some scoutmaster.

Lil is a dangerous person to consider as an ally. The problem with Lil is she sides with the last person that talks to her, have you noticed?

About Burton...all I can say is "yo adrian."

Darah - translator please.

Tijuana - she looks too good to have been there for 27 days.

Jonny Fairplay was amazingly tolerable this week, do you think? God forbid I say that he's becoming (gulp) likeable. I read an interview that Ryan O did after he was booted, and he said the Jon was actually no problem, and he was cool to be around. Factoid: Producers are making Jon look bad for a reason. duh. But what about next week? The Big Lie? Looks like Jon pretends something terrible happens and then it really didn't or what? I'm on pins and needles. Don't forget, it's a Wednesday night Survivor this week.


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