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Whatever, just crash it Bob...


I'm having a fairly decent blissday. Mark had a meeting before work, so he left here at 8:00, not intending to be back until after 9 tonight. But he came home for about an hour inbetween, just cause we need to spend more time together. That was nice.

I'm a C-mas shopping fool on ebay today. I'm so pleased with how far ahead I am already. I will have very little shopping to do come crunch time. Since there is no money to do any shopping with, we decided some months ago that C-mas shopping money would only come out of our paypal account, from selling other things. A great motivation to go through my junk and get stuff listed and sold. It's working out wonderfully! I've actually been picking up things since about June, so I feel really pleased about that. I hate looking ahead to Christmas and dreading it because I had no money to spend. I'm really looking forward to Christmas this year. I've picked up some really really neat stuff.

I have a little part time job opportunity that has presented itself. Cross your fingers, if it comes through it could be really really fun.


Though last night was to be our last class, the class voted to have class on Monday to get continued practice in our skills. I'm SO glad. Today I am going to go get some 3X5's and make study cards. A good buddy in class "O", did this and I really liked the way they came out. Very easy to study with, whether you have 5 minutes or 2 hours. Love it.

Speaking of "O", one thing I've been thinking about is not seeing these people anymore. Some of us have gotten rather close, and it's going to be a bit of a drag to say goodbye. Yes, we can keep in touch but we won't. You know how that goes. I'm especially close to the 2 guys that sit close to me, "A" and "O", and it's a bummer to think about those relationships just going by the wayside. Perhaps that will motivate me to keep in touch. We'll see.

Guess that's about it. Nothing monumental today. Guess I should be glad I'm not down with a sick toddler or taking my frustrations out on people's hair.


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