Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Ok, so we decide to try to salvage the evening. Me, Daniel and Emma go to Walmart and get what we need. (Emma meddies, little debbies, body wash, you know - essentials.) Then we go to Chili's for dinner. Fine, great.

Then halfway through dinner I get a text message from Katie: (verbatim)

"Um, is liability insurance for when you hit someone and it's your fault? Cause I hit someone and it's my fault."


It was minor, maybe 5-8 miles an hour. The van she hit was already well dented. She was looking behind her shoulder to get over to another lane or something...and then ::crruunch::. Katie said the lady was foreign and not too concerned, but we'll see what happens. Our instructors have told us many times that non-english speaking accident victims seem to know the phrase "my neck! my neck!" all too well.

I'm going to turn the porch light off and lock the door. Maybe the bad luck fairies will think we've all gone to bed and move on to someone else.


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