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That doesn't begin to describe this day. It started off a little slow, sat around and watched icky middle-of-the-night-almost-morning-tv at the ambulance station till about 7:30. Then all hell broke loose and we didn't rest all day. We were at the hospital 6 times in 10.5 hours. Lots of really really cool calls, some sad...some really sad. I won't bore you with the details, I promised myself I wouldn't do that and turn this into a "What happened today on the ambulance" blog. I've thought tho that if I do get a job as an EMT, I will keep a separate blog, or journal just for that. Maybe just for me.

It's hard not to reflect on the lives that changed so drastically today tho. Even sitting here at my desk hours later, I'm thinking about things that happened, and how we handled it. The faces of folks stick out in my mind, and what's ahead for them. I wonder how seasoned EMS folks get that out of their system.


The concert was absolutely awesome, we had a great time. It was me, Katie and Daniel and tho Katie came as a last minute replacement, I'm so glad she did. She said that she was bored, but she was a trooper anyway. She did like seeing Goldfinger, so that was good. (Eve 6 played too)

I was front and center during most of Good Charlotte. There was a fair amount of crowd surfing going on, and then the moshing started. Good Charlotte picked up on the mosh pit right away and ordered everyone on the floor to mosh too. I got caught in that for about 3 minutes and then had to - had to - get out. We hung out a few rows back after that, where it was cooler and there was at least an inch or two of elbow room. Katie and I kept text messaging each other, asking "where are you"? We'd hook up again and then get separated. lol

Good Charlotte was great, and they played for 90 minutes. I was singing along like a fool, believe me. (I know you do).

But man oh man, I need to get some sleep. We tried to nap at the ambulance station today, we actually got to take our shoes off and lay all the way down about 4 times. But as soon as we would all start to drift off - ::Beep Blaaap Beep::!! -and away we would go.

I'm headed for the couch just now. Don't call, cause I ain't answerin'.


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