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Whatever, just crash it Bob...


This is so silly. We had a faux mass casualty scenario tonight. Half the class were medics, and half the class were victims of a gang shooting that was still going on. You can hear me laugh at the beginning, I hadn't turned my walkie talkie on before entering the house and couldn't see to turn it on cause the lights were flashing off and on.

Thought I would record the insanity for you. It's long, and most of it is just yelling. lol

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We also did a scene where most of us were on a bus that had turned over on it's side. We were laying on our sides on the floor, sitting on chairs, also on their sides. There were tables on their sides above us, like the roof of the bus. We had minor injuries, but all had altered mental status, so were supposed to be talking nonsense over and over. I kept saying "Has anyone seen my pig?" The guy next to me was saying "the tribe has spoken." And someone down the line kept asking "is that your final answer?"

It was a hoot. We got out early, and no one wanted to leave. Fun, fun.


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